Basic rules when betting

Basic rules when betting

The tips at the bookmaker are placed in no time at all. Afterwards, customers have to wait and see. Although the bets were placed to the best of their knowledge and belief, they usually get a rude awakening when it comes to evaluating the results. The majority of customers at the bookie end up almost permanently in the red. 

Below we have compiled some basic rules for betting. If you follow these guidelines, you are by no means a pro, but you have the best prerequisites to land on the winning track in the long run.

Build a serious bankroll

The most important basic rule in betting is not the betting itself. It is important that you build a serious bankroll before you start betting. To do this, take a close look at your own finances. What capital can you really deposit with the bookmaker?

Basically, you should only transfer money that you do not need for other things in life. That is, your rent, your living expenses and a certain reserve should be available for the next few months. If you still have a surplus in your account, you can deposit it at the online betting provider with a clear conscience.

Never bet with borrowed money

This is probably the most important fact of all. Do not borrow money just to be able to participate in sports betting. If you don’t have any funds of your own, say goodbye to signing up with a bookmaker very quickly. If you bet under financial pressure, you will definitely end up in nirvana. Many a social relationship has been buried because of such hasard games.

Analysis is the be-all and end-all

Analysis is the be-all and end-all

If you place your tips based on your gut, you may be lucky. As a rule, newcomers to betting start with a small profit. The so-called beginner’s luck is almost tangible at the bookmaker. However, the fact is that players are usually caught up with reality in no time.

Before placing a bet, a very precise and detailed analysis must be made. Look at tables, form curves, statistics and head-to-head comparisons. Gather as much information as possible about the matches. Pay attention to injured or suspended players or the importance of a match. Bundle your knowledge and make a well thought-out betting decision.

Pay attention to defensive money management

Often the best sports betting strategy fails because of a very simple detail – finances. One of the basic rules of betting is a well thought-out and defensive money management. In concrete terms, this means that a maximum of three to five percent of your own balance should be placed on individual betting tips. In practice, of course, the amount bet depends on the risk of the tip. If a bet appears to be “safe”, the bet amount can also be increased somewhat. However, one fact should always be considered. There is no such thing as a safe sports bet. The course of a sports event can never be predicted 100 percent.

Risk combination bets

Almost all recreational players work with combination bets. The result is well-known: a fat minus on the betting account. If you put together your odds on the betting slip, you will get big eyes quite quickly with the combos. Due to the multiplication of the betting odds, the profit increases quickly to a top value even with low betting sums. The problem is, however, already with one wrong tip the entire house of cards falls apart.

Those who want to successfully keep their bets in the green in the long run should focus on solo tips. Customers who prefer to play combos despite the risk, we recommend to build in appropriate hedges via the systems.

Do not pursue a favorite strategy

Another cardinal mistake is permanently betting on favorites. Surely the “quick money” beckons with a tip on FC Bayern Munich or FC Barcelona, but in the long run, the customer can only end up in the minus. The betting odds are so low that they are disproportionate to the risk. If at all, then the favorite tips should be included in one’s betting strategy only now and then in doses.

Live bets only with very small amounts

Live bets

The most unpopular basic rule when betting is certainly the renunciation of live tips. We do not want to completely demonize the real-time areas of the bookmakers at this point. However, the fact is that the live offers are provided with significantly lower odds than the pre-match area. Furthermore, the fast tipping almost inevitably leads to an increased error rate. Those who want to enjoy live betting should generally do so with very small amounts – in the best case, away from a normal sports betting strategy.

Consider high betting odds and tax

If possible, always try to bet on the best odds. Compare the bookmakers before placing your bets. We recommend that you keep three to five betting accounts with different bookies in order to be able to react to fluctuations in the odds. Be aware of the German betting tax. The five percent special tax directly influences the odds level. Often, lower offers are ultimately even more financially profitable with a tax-free online bookmaker.

Make a serious choice of bookmaker

One of the basic rules of betting is to choose the right bookmaker. If you sign up randomly with some nobody on the Internet, you may be in for a very nasty surprise. Although the majority of betting providers can be classified as reputable, there can be “black sheep” in any industry. Inform yourself very carefully before registering. Be sure to choose a safe provider. You can easily check the seriousness yourself within a few minutes.

It is important that the betting provider has a license. You can find the information about this either at the bottom of the website or in the imprint. If the bookie is registered in Malta or Gibraltar, for example, you are 100% on the safe side. The two Caribbean states of Curacao and Antigua and Barbuda are also considered reputable and strict licensors.

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