information about online blackjack

General information about online blackjack

For those readers who are not yet familiar with blackjack online casinos, we have summarized a few general points.

Playing mobile with your cell phone

You can play blackjack online casino either with computer/laptop or mobile with smartphone/tablet. Whether it’s iPhone or Android, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is a reasonably solid internet connection.

Minimum and maximum bet

Minimum and maximum bet

The possible stakes vary from game to game. At some tables you can get in from as little as 10 or 20 cents per game, at other games the minimum bet is €1 or even over €10 at the VIP tables.

At most, you can risk up to several thousand euros at once at the Highroller tables.

Security and licenses

You should always make sure that everything is reputable and above board when gambling. With the well-known live hosts, you know that the card games are used correctly in blackjack. The shuffling of the cards is also done properly. If the dealer ever makes a mistake, there are room managers and the pit boss to call in.

The games are subject to government regulation. Evolution Gaming, for example, has numerous licenses, including the EU license from the regulator MGA.

Opening hours of live dealer casinos on the Internet

Opening hours

Online casinos are in principle open around the clock. After all, slot machines do not have to be manually attended to. But what about live dealer games?

In fact, live blackjack online real money tables are also manned at all times. There aren’t quite as many different tables to choose from at night, but you can always play a round.

Play blackjack for free

In most of the online casinos you can also play blackjack for free. This is useful if you want to try out a new strategy, for example, or to familiarize yourself with the game first.

At the live dealer tables you can’t play for play money in test mode, but at the software-based blackjack games with random number generator this is possible.

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