Blackjack variants

Blackjack variants in online casinos

In principle, almost every blackjack table on the Internet is one and the same. The internationally recognized rules are applied almost everywhere unchanged.

Registering and Loading Blackjack Tables

Before we go through the different variations, let’s briefly explain how to get to this point in the first place and how playing with the dealer online works.

  • First, you have to register a free player account at an online casino with live blackjack.
  • Then you can deposit and in the game lobby you go to the live casino area.
  • One can click on the blackjack table of one’s choice and then take a seat automatically.
  • When you are satisfied with the table, you can place your bet for the next game using the drop-down menu that appears.

Chat with the dealer and other players

Chat with the dealer

Most of the time the dealer is female. When you take a seat, you are usually greeted directly in person. You can even write in a chat, which the dealer and the other players can see.

The female dealer then responds by speaking directly into the camera. Other players can also write in the live chat if they wish.

Classic Blackjack

But now we finally come to the variants offered. In principle, almost all blackjack games in online casinos are classic blackjack with the very normal blackjack rules. However, there is also a whole range of tables with specifically this designation.

VIP Blackjack

This name is self-explanatory. Here sit high rollers, who take a little more money in hand to play blackjack than a normal player. We will come back to the possible stakes later.

Infinite Blackjack

Infinite Black

This blackjack table is a very quiet, atmospheric table that is spatially isolated from other live dealer games. Due to the fact that it is optionally not only live, but also software-based, there are unlimited seats available. So you never have to wait more than one round for your turn.

Lightning Blackjack

In Lightning Blackjack and First Person Lightning Blackjack, you don’t just win. Instead, winnings are magnified with a random multiplier of double up to 25 times.

However, to take part in the fun, you have to pay double the game stake. Lightning Blackjack is also partly software-based.

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